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K12 Education



Chiway Education has long been committed to the investment, management, and service in the field of K12 education in China. Drawing on advanced international pedagogy to create a combination of Chinese and Western curriculums, the result is a unique model of glocalized education. Curriculum design, teaching methods, and teaching management are the three key areas that continue to be explored, perfected, and implemented.
Through the bilingual teaching of small classes, tutoring systems, and subject inquiry, the students' English language and academic abilities are strengthened. Practical abilities as well as critical thinking and creativity training are emphasized, so as to ensure the students' comprehensive quality improvement and academic level.
In the future, Chiway Education will accelerate the investment in first-tier cities and major second-tier cities across the country, with the goal of expanding this brand. At the same time, it will establish strategic partnerships with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada, etc., so to continuously introduce high-quality education resources for its schools. This internationalized and glocalized approach has successfully built a platform to provide students with multiple channels for development.
Mission: Chinese Origins,Global Originality
Goal:We cultivate life-long learners for the global challenges in the twenty-first century.

Oversea Chinese Academy of Chiway

The Chiway Overseas Chinese Academy incorporates a series of schools catering for children of exceptional talent, the children of overseas Chinese and Chinese students aiming for international education. The schools offer 15-year continual education from kindergarten to high school and identify as international schools with Chinese characteristics. The schools’ curriculum uses the IB framework and meets the requirements of China’ s education syllabus, creating through independent R&D a curriculum system that combines both Chinese and western elements, whilst at the same time increasing the proportion of Chinese culture taught in schools.
The establishment of Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway not only meets parents’ demands for high-quality international education, but also assists the government in recruiting high-end professionals, particularly high-level returning Chinese with an overseas education. It has become a showpiece education model that integrates the very best of China and the West.

Walton Foreign Language School

Walton Foreign Language School is a school brand carefully fostered by Chiway education during its 20-plus years of school operation practice. Identifying itself as a model of Chinese school internationalization, it centers on China’ s education syllabus while incorporating international curriculum contents. It adopts the bilingual teaching model and strives to develop authentic internationalized Chinese schools.
In the preschool phase, Walton schools carry forward the idea of “Advancement through Bilingual and Multicultural Fusion” by integrating eastern and western preschool education philosophies and implementing the pedagogical framework of IB PYP, structuring an internationalized preschool curriculum system that features distinct school-based courses. At the same time, the schools have created a rich multicultural and bilingual environment to lay a solid foundation for the children’ s physical and mental health, sustainable development and lifelong learning.
Walton Foreign Language School Taicang Walton International School Xuzhou Hefei World Foreign Language School Walton Bilingual Kindergarten Changzhou

International School For Foreigners

In 2018, Chiway Education Group wholly acquired EtonHouse International School Wuxi, which was owned by EtonHouse International (Holdings) Co., Ltd., extending its expertise in international education to the field of school operation for children of foreign personnel. Based on the acquisition, Chiway plans to make improvements and transformations in this field through partnership with overseas elite schools.


EtonHouse International School Wuxi EtonHouse International School Suzhou EtonHouse International Kindergarten Xuzhou